Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment

Treat your lesion once and for all, with the revolutionary RADiant system. An effective treatment option for anyone not wanting to go through surgery, with no scaring, and no impact on your day to day life.

Skin Radiotherapy
Superficial Radiation Therapy

Benefits of radiation for BCC

RADiant is an effective alternative to surgery, if that’s due to age, general health, or personal preferences.

Radiation therapy has outcomes comparable to Mohs micro surgery, with low complication rates and good to excellent cosmetic results, with little impact on your day to day life.

RADiant may give a better cosmetic output – no surgery means no potential for disfguation and functional defects – perfect for treatment on the face, eyes, nose, and lips.

Peace of mind

Cure and eliminate your lesion with no long-term recurrence, whilst preserving your looks.

Why use RADiant?

Cure your lesion, growth or cancer by requesting treatment with the advanced RADiant system.


Illuminated halo ring guidance allows for comfortable treatment positioning and ensures accurate treatment.


RADiant enables you to have treatment with minimal impact on your daily life ensuring the best outcome possible.

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Everything from the treatment to possible side effects – check out our FAQ’s page for all the answers you need!


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