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First dual-modality surface radiation therapy system offering a non-surgical treatment alternative that’s smart, simple and successful— for your patients and your practice.

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“When we say ‘radiation treatment for skin cancer’ patients often assume it’s from a cancer treatment center,
perhaps 30 or more treatments with a big, powerful machine. When we can offer them as few as
8 to 12 treatments with eBt in our own office they’re pleasantly surprised. Assuming they meet the
indications for SRT/EBT, many are relieved to be able to choose RADiant treatment in our office instead of surgery.”

– Dr. Steven Davis, The Dermatology & Laser Center of San Antonio

RADiant system overview

  • An intuitive clinical interface makes it easy to create treatment plans and manage patient data.
  • RADiant delivers its treatment to the skin surface. The dose profile falls away rapidly within the first few millimeters of the skin.
  • Patients enjoy a pain-free alternative to skin cancer treatment without discomfort, scarring or downtime.
  • Features a compact footprint, dual treatment configurations, and short treatment times.
  • RADiant is easy to move, shield, and treat for both SRT and eBt.
  • The system’s ergonomic and flexible design allows you to effortlessly target treatment areas—including hard-to-access lesions—without placing patients in uncomfortable positions.
  • Faster treatments mean an accelerated workflow with less cost to your practice, and no downtime for your patients.
  • Treatments achieve highly effective cure rates with little impact on patients’ day-to-day lives or concerns about other comorbidities.
  • A comfortable, effective alternative to surgery equips your practice to serve—and satisfy—more patients when surgery is contraindicated or not preferred.

Standard Applicators

5cm FSD Open Applicators

1cm diameter
1.5cm diameter
2cm diameter
3cm diameter
4cm diameter

Superficial Applicators*

6cm FSD Open Applicators

1cm diameter
1.5cm diameter
2cm diameter
3cm diameter
4cm diameter

*Optional Applicator Set


Energy Range

  • 70kV-80kV

Treatment Modalities

  • Electronic Brachytherapy (eBT) and Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)

Advanced Software

  • Intuitive clinical dashboard allowing for fast, precise treatments
  • Utility interface for configuration, calibration and maintenance

System Base Unit

  • Mobile within a treatment room
  • Houses a self-contained cooling system & generator
  • Counter-balanced, lockable treatment arm Accurate positioning through magnetic braking system


  • Plugs directly into a standard outlet, with minimal shielding requirements
  • Includes simple safety interlocks and warning lights

EBT Treatment Devices

Unrivaled service and support

Xstrahl is more than a manufacturer of medical therapy systems—we provide best in class customer service with every system, from initial planning and suite design to installation by our expert engineers.

To ensure your Xstrahl system operates effectively and efficiently, we offer enhanced user training and ongoing maintenance and service contracts.

RADiant – Smart. Simple. Successful.

Now you can treat non-melanoma skin cancers efficiently and effectively without surgery.

Skin Surface

Faster treatments, Accelerated workflow, Lower cost for your practice, No downtime for your patients


Great flexibility makes it particularly suited for treating lesions that are difficult to access, such as those found on sensitive areas of the head, face and neck, all without compromising patient comfort.

Small Footprint

The unit’s small footprint enables installation in a compact space and its mobility makes for efficiencies within the treatment room.

Low energy

Low energy and short exposure times means the treatment room requires less shielding compared to a high energy linear accelerator.


The ergonomically designed skin contact applicators and illuminated halo ring allow for optimal conformal treatment positioning.


Concerto software, the clinical interface, provides an intuitive workflow for treatments and creates a detailed clinical record for each patient, including treatment images.

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