BCC Treatment

RADiant is the best option for treating BCC in those patients for whom the surgery is not an option (due to contraindications or personal preferences).

The American Academy of Dermatologist supports consideration of superficial radiation therapy as a second line option for the treatment of BCC, for use in special circumstances, such as when surgical intervention is contraindicated.
NMSC radiotherapy treatment

Benefits of radiation for BCC

RADiant is an effective alternative for patients who are not suitable candidates for surgery due to age, general health, or personal preferences.

Radiation therapy has outcomes comparable to Mohs micro surgery, with low complication rates and good to excellent cosmetic results.

Removes wound care concerns for patients with surgical contraindications.

How it works

The primary goal for BCC is to cure or eliminate the lesion with no long term recurrence whilst preserving function in the region affected by cancer and optimising cosmetic outcomes.

Why use RADiant Therapy?

RADiant is designed to deliver eBt and/or SRT treatment techniques, which are well documented in the treatment of BCCs.


Illuminated halo ring guidance allows for optimal conformal treatment positioning and ensures accurate dosimetry.

Benefits for the clinic

RADiant enables your clinic to code to either eBt or SRT depending on the reimbursement policy of the patient insurance / Medicare provider.

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